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  21 cranes, 15 hotels, 10,000 jobs: Inside Oregon’s development spree


There has been a development and construction boom going on in Oregon. Portland is among the cities with the highest number of construction cranes in the country. But there is a downside – chronic labor shortages. Most companies are having trouble finding enough skilled labor to keep up with the demand for new projects. Labor shortages can lead to delays in completion and an increase in the total cost.


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Article by Jeff Manning and Anna Marum of The Oregonian/OregonLive, July 17, 2017


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 AmeriTitle’s Business Around the State Update for July 7th, 2017

An employment summary prepared by the Workforce and Economic Research Division and highlights business activity throughout the state by region.

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Amerititle\'s Business Around the State Update July 7th, 2017 (190)


Portland's new Inclusionary Housing Zoning Code policy went into effect this February 1st. It requires any new development that has more than 20 units to include a ratio of affordable housing. Many permits were submitted and in January, more than usual, to avoid this new policy. Now the Portland Housing Bureau is going back & asking that some projects reconsider opting into the new zoning policy by offering incentives and tax exemptions.

Portland Inclusionary Housing

                                                                      (photo from Portland Tribune by Jonathan House)

Where is PDX’s Inclusionary Housing?


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Written by Jules Rogers, Portland Tribune, created May 16, 2017

Bend Affordable Housing Complex                                                                                                              (Bulletin file photo)


Developer counters the stereotype of affordable housing

Pacific Crest Affordable Housing is a unique Central Oregon company. They have built a development in Bend that is producing a good portion of it’s own electricity and heating most of it’s own water, has energy efficient appliances and amenities like a fitness center and community library. What sets this apart, is that this an affordable housing complex, but you’d never know driving by it, and that’s one of their main goals.


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By Marina Starleaf Riker, of The Bulletin, published March 4, 2017

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